Kamis, 02 Juni 2016

TULUS - Pamit (Farewell)

Greetings, everyone! Today i'm going to describe a little bit about my favourite song, which is titled Pamit (Farewell) and sung by Tulus.

This song was published on February the 27th, 2016, and is a part of Tulus' third album. Tulus made the lyrics and composed the melody himself. And as for the background music, he coopperated with Ari Renaldi and The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Check out his music video below :

TULUS - Pamit (Farewell) Lyrics :
Tubuh saling bersandar (Bodies leaning against each other)Ke arah mata angin berbeda (Towards a different direction)Kau menunggu datangnya malam (You're waiting for the arrival of night)Saat kumenanti fajar (When i'm waiting for the dawn)
Sudah coba berbagai cara (We've tried various way)Agar kita tetap bersama (To stay together)Yang tersisa dari kisah ini (The only thing that is left from this tale)Hanya kau takut kuhilang (Is just you being afraid of me missing)
Perdebatan apapun menuju kata pisah (Any arguments lead to parting words)Jangan paksakan genggamanmu (Don't force your grip)
Izinkan aku pergi dulu (Allow me to go first)Yang berubah hanya (The only thing that changes is)Tak lagi kumilikmu (I'm not yours anymore)Kau masih bisa melihatku (You can still see me)Kau harus percaya (You have to believe)Kutetap teman baikmu (That i am still your best friend)
Sudah coba berbagai cara (We've tried various way)Agar kita tetap bersama (To stay together)Yang tersisa dari kisah ini (The only thing that is left from this tale)Hanya kau takut kuhilang (Is just you being afraid of me missing)
Perdebatan apapun menuju kata pisah (Any arguments lead to parting words)Jangan paksakan genggamanmu (Don't force your grip)

Yang berubah hanya (The only thing that changes is)Tak lagi kumilikmu (I'm not yours anymore)
Kau harus percaya (You have to believe)Kutetap teman baikmu (That i am still your best friend)

Izinkan aku pergi dulu (Allow me to go first)Yang berubah hanya (The only thing that changes is)Tak lagi kumilikmu (I'm not yours anymore)Kau masih bisa melihatku (You can still see me)Kau harus percaya (You have to believe)Kutetap teman baikmu (That i am still your best friend)
It's great isn't it? Now, i'm going to share some of my thoughts about this song.
According to the lyrics, this song is about a couple that has a problem with their relationship. They have too many differences that they have to choice but to keep quarreling from time to time. They have tried so many ways to make it work but it always ended up in a fight. So, one of them decided to end their bond. And it is also told that they will still be friends, still can see each other and the only thing that changes is they aren't each other's anymore.
Trough out the song, sad and melancholy tones are played, but it somehow has energetic vibe. From the lyrics, we can see how sad the story that Tulus is trying to tell, but this song also has a consoling part in it.
Thus, i love this song because i like sad song in general; but this song can also cure the sadness of people who has similar story with the one in the lyrics.
I guess that's all i can tell you about my favourite song, thanks for stopping by!

Sabtu, 30 April 2016

Last Holiday

Hi! I'm gonna tell you a little bit about my holiday, i think it was around December. After the final exam ended and our report cards were given, holiday Came. Actually i was a little bit sad facing holiday this time, Because I did not really have any interesting plans to do and it was actually more fun to play with friends at school. But i just shrugged the feeling and counted this holiday as a break for me. at least, I would not be seeing this evil guy called 'homework' for a while.

I'm not really Able to recall the last holiday, I just remembered i slept in so many different places, like 5 days at my Grandma's place, and a week at my other Grandma's place, and the other at my friend's place. It was really fun Because I did not get much time to visit and interact with them on schooldays. Though, i did not get a chance to go out of town to meet my relatives there. I just stayed in Bandung but it was actually kinda worth it.

Things pretty much that i was doing in the holiday were just hanging out with my friends, going to school to practice angklung, and sleeping. It felt like I had memorized the mall's map completely. Though I was not bored at all, i was just bored of spending the money. I met some of my friends when it was the time to practice angklung. It was really really tiring but fun. Other than playing angklung, Also we learned to dance and sing.

To be honest, i have nothing else to say. Because just like i said, i did not do anything interesting. I mean, interesting enough for me to write a 10 pages long essay about every detail that had happened. I loved the holiday though Because I got a lot of rest, and i also remembered how I remembered to do the holiday homework just seconds before it ended lol.

I guess that's all? I'm gonna write more if i somehow recall any details about it:))

Senin, 15 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

 What is education? Education is a process to change us into something better. Ever since the first time humans populated the earth, we keep changing, developing ourselves and the world to be even better than before. Humans always discover new things and from there we learn something new, whether it is bad and we should avoid it or it is something good and we should learn more about it. Education has been given to us since we were little, wherein a child’s brain is like a sponge that will absorb the liquid that touches it. Therefore, our generation will be ready to lead human population in getting better.

In my opinion, education is the most important. Because without education we wouldn’t get a chance to develop ourselves, specifically our character. The key to the best generation is not only academical and theoritical knowledge, but also a wise and dependable character. Our generation has quite a lack on that, as far as I know, because we are depending to much on theories. On math, biology, physics, etc. we are too busy to improve our knowledge on science and technology, because ever since modern technology starts spreading, we realize that it brings so much benefit to our lives. But, in the progress, we are forgetting that knowledge is power, but character is more. We couldn’t make a good character theoritically. So, as for me, the ideal type of education is the education that teaches more about character developing. The education that teaches us about the condition of the world, and changes our mindset to be more openminded, critical, and educated. That way, I am sure that we will be able to reduce the number of wars going on in this world.

Unfortunately, most of the country in this world hasn’t realize yet about how important character building is. Schools are still using the system wherein the students have to take classes as they have been given, whether they like it or not. I think, that is the worst form of education. Students have a lot of different abilities. We can’t force a student who likes art to do a trigonometri equation.  We can’t force a student who likes math to draw a realistic potrait of theirselves. This kind of education will only reduce the student’s spirit to improve their abilities. As the result, their character will turn to a negative way and we will have the worst generation to lead the population.

I, myself, as a student, am hoping that the current education system will be changed. Especially in Indonesia. This beautiful country has so much potential and yet we still don't know how to use it in the lack of our character.

Jumat, 18 Desember 2015

Crossword Puzzle!

2. A big lizard
5. Lighten up something
9. An I-… is a modern device strongly related to I-Phone
10. Something enjoyable
13.Stationary thing that use ink
14. An annual celebration with rabbits and eggs as its mascot
17. Beans used to make soy sauce
18.Unearthing something
20. Synonym of ‘decomposed’
21. Brown horse-like animal with horn
23. The end of people’s life
26. A word used to link alternatives
27. Unpleasant feeling after doing something wrong/bad
29. Used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a female person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified.

1. Synonym of ‘sick’
3. The opposite of answer
4.A playing card with a single spot on it, ranked as the highest card in its suit in most card games.
6. Cloth used to clean the floor
7. Shorten word for cartoon network
8. Synonym for girls (plural)
11. A place full of trees or green region
12. King’s couple
15. Common device used for entertainment using light and sounds
16. A disease that makes a dog go crazy
19. Fake hair
20.An activity where a person is looking at and comprehending the meaning of (written or printed matter) by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed.
22. Antonym of the word ‘off’
24. Carnivore bird that has brown and white as common color
25. Synonym of happiness
28. Synonym of couple

All about my friend.

Hello~ today i'm going to tell you about my friend!

Her name is Khairunnisaa Karnawidjaya, and i call her Nisa. She was born in Bogor, 20 Mei 2001. Her address is in Jl. Cipaera Gg. Murtamad no.9. Her favourite drink is milk. The subject she likes the most is english. Her hobby is drawing and playing music, and her wish is to be smart without studying.

I guess that's all, thanks for reading!

Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

My School Life!

Hi! Today i'm going to tell you about my school life. This is my first year of high school and i found it really enjoyable (except some things though). Rather than in junior high school, my surroundings seems to be way even wider.

At school i have a lot of friends, not like at JHS, because i was really shy, but now i think my friends are the ones that's shy because they are friends with me (hawhaw). I no longer hesitate on making a lot of friends, and i enjoy long conversations with a lot of different people, though i still need to improve my public-speaking skill. I lack a lot on that. Anyway, I love my friends. They are funny people and always there for me when i need them. They help me study. And sometimes we go home together.

The subjects i like at school are Art and English, because i'm quite good at them. As for Math and Science, they are a PMS girl for me; really hard to understand. I'm having a hard time at not-getting-a-zero on every exam and thankfully i succeed, but still it is really hard to get a score more than the number of 'our neighbor'. I've made a plan to improve my score next semester, and hopefully i will succeed. I don't want to destroy my holiday just because of things like that.

The other thing i like about school is the extracurriculer or excul. I joined 3 exculs at school. They are SSR, KPA and MK.

SSR is Sanggar Seni Rupa or Art Studio. I love this excul because i like art! I get a lot of experience here. We study mural painting, framework, eletrical stuff and manymore that is useful to make a beautiful art or decoration. At school event, we are always appointed to do the decoration, and that's where we will get really busy. Sometimes even on Sunday we have to go to school to work, or stay at school on schooldays until night. But it was really fun, and it was worth it. This excul is my top priority, evenly it was on top of everything but i changed it to improve my academic report.

Next, i joined KPA. KPA is Keluarga Paduan Angklung or Angklung Synthesis Family. Just like the name, we play Angklung. I join KPA because i fell in love at first sight, specifically at the Excul Demo. They are amazing! They can play a lot of songs from Dangdut to Classical. The seniors play up to 7 angklungs at a time, but we the junior only play 2 to 4 angklungs. I, myself, play 3 angklungs, and it was quite hard. My hand always aches after playing, because it is really heavy. I'm really amazed at the seniors' hard work!

Moving on, the last excul is MK. MK is Musik Klasik or Classical Music. I can play piano so i decided to join. I play piano since i was 4. So far, MK didn't do any activities and i don't know why. I'm thinking of retiring so that i can do other activities that is more productive.

Well, i've explained everything that i like about my school. Thanks for reading!

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015

Gamarvani Project

19th September 2015, was one of the day that i would never be able to forget. Our beloved school, SMAN 3 Bandung had succeed on holding an art and culture event, called Gamarvani. Gamarvani's main purpose was actually to celebrate Bandung's birthday. Gamar meant road
 and Parvani meant Moon. So basically, Gamarvani meant A Road To The Moon. The name itself was taken from a folks story, The Legend of Nyai Anteh. This story was choosen so that West Java folkstales would be more noticed and socialized to modern people nowadays.

Anyway, i joined the Gamarvani Committee, because, as you could see in my previous post (if you haven't, please do, i'll give you 5 minutes) i really liked art and music, and i just wanted to improve my organisation skill at the moment. I joined the decoration division, and it was kinda tough. We worked until night one day before the event. We had to turn the field wherein the event took place into something that would remind all of the visitors about Nyai Anteh. Thankfully, the seniors had a lot of briliant ideas. We, the juniors all helped each other in, like, painting stuff and making Moon statue. It was really fun, and i made a lot of friends (this was the best part!).

Anyway, that Saturday the committee members had to come to Bali Field at 5 o'clock. It was crazy. I woke up at 3 a.m with headache greeting me. But excitement took over and it grabbed my hand, getting me out of the bed. I went to Bali Field with my boyfriend. Yes he's my friend and he's a boy haha *cough*. Anyway, when i arrived it was a little bit crowded, and really, really cold. I shivered and sneezed endlessly. Not long after that the chief gathered and gave us some briefing. We paid attention seriously.

Gamarvani was going to open gate at 10, but 3 hours before that there was a parade competition. The participant varied from elementry to high school students. I didn't watch nor did i join the parade, but from the video that i watch, it was awesome. My friend's class won the parade because they performed creatively and they deserved it.

And then, at 10.00 the gate was opened. At first, the visitors weren't much but as it was getting to lunch time, it was really crowded. I met a lot of my friends from other school and chatted with them. It was fun to meet them again! And what i liked the most in Gamarvani was : the Food. THE FOOD. I mean, THE FOOD. There were so much of them. There were at least 20 foodstands and foodtrucks. I didn't even get to try all of them because it was too much, and appearantly i forgot to bring my wallet. Hehe. I enjoyed all the art and culture performances on stage. They were really awesome.

It was really crowded at around 5 p.m, because it was getting closer to what everyone had been waiting for : The Guest Star! With the help of us all collecting donation, the Committee had managed to invite 2 guest stars, which were Adera and HiVi. Isn't that amazing? Fortunately it was already free time for committee members, so i could go watch it with my friends.

At around 6 p.m, the first guest star, Adera, performed. It was great. I watched the concert with my *cough* friend. But sadly i didn't know most of his song because i'd never really been a fan of Adera. And it seemed most of the visitors had too, from which not many of them sang along with him most of the time. Getting tired standing up, i decided to have dinner first and went watching back when HiVi comes on.

And then, HiVi came at around 8 p.m. I was so, so excited, i jumped around and dragged my friends. HiVi perform in white. The men were handsome and the girl was really beautiful too. I sang along to all of their songs. Waving my hand when the song was sad, and jumped up and down when it was getting crazy. I didn't even feel tired. I sang my heart out with my friend. It was impossible to forget the memory.

After the last song titled "Siapkah kau tuk jatuh cinta lagi" (are you ready to fall in love again) the event ended. I was a kind of sad, because, well, it was just amazing. Sadly, great things always come to and end, and moreover school was just around the corner. But i cheered my self up and went home with my friend. We were really tired. I arrived at 11.30 p.m, almost midnight and immediately went to sleep.

It was, like, the best.

Just the best.

I never knew that High School Students, especially SMAN 3 students which were known to be really busy in their study, actually managed to spare their time and make such an awesome event. I really hope that next year there will be more art and culture event. Surely, i would love to participate in the committee again. It was unforgettable!